Best of the Best Showcase – Sunday, September 15, 2024

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Why is our basketball showcase different?

  • Never more than 10 players on a team – guaranteed!
    You need ample playing time so that college coaches can effectively evaluate you. That is what this showcase promises EVERY participant!
  • Emphasis on leveraging your sport to find your best overall fit – academically, socially, financially!
    Run by experienced educational consultants and coaches who specialize in college admissions for the student-athlete. We care about the whole student AND athlete and do not allow the basketball to lead the process in identifying your best overall college matches.
  • Offers College Athletic Recruiting Boot Camps PRIOR to the showcase to help you prepare!
    The ultimate goal is for you to obtain direct college coach feedback when you attend our showcase. Therefore, we offer our signature pre-event, One-on-One’s College Athletic Recruiting Boot Camp, as an add-on for a discounted price, to help you prepare. Click here to learn more and register!

Kim Penney, Director of Best of the Best Showcase and Founder of One-on-One College Consulting, shares the top 3 reasons why the Best of the Best Showcase is a sold-out event every year and why it is critical to register today!

One-on-One College Consulting’s basketball events division hosts the Best of the Best Showcase for high school girls basketball players in Grades 8-12 to assist them in finding their best overall college match.

See What People Are Saying


“Around 20 years ago, Brian Harris and I saw a void in the women’s college basketball recruiting scene and took advantage of the opportunity to offer Best of the Best Showcase, a distinctive showcase with intention. Our goal was to create an event from which high school players, their parents and college coaches all benefited…basically, to help players and coaches find the right college fit. Our plan worked as we got many, many emails praising the time and effort we put into running it. Kim Penney has taken over our showcase and continues this tradition, and we are so proud that Kim has incorporated One-on-One College Consulting features to the event making it the best showcase on the east coast!”
Tom Hellen – Best of the Best Showcase Founder

I went to the Best of the Best Showcase in ‘09 as a senior in high school and also used Kim Penney and One-on-One College Consulting to help me with the college process. Without that assistance, I would not have known how approach college recruitment.
As a college coach, I have attended the Best of the Best showcase many times in the last decade. Best of the best is the ideal showcase, providing quality playing time and instruction to attendees as well as giving college coaches accurate and detailed information on the student athletes.”
Sam Crough – Head Coach of Regis College



The most common leagues represented by college coaches in attendance include, but are not limited to: